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2010 Taipei & Manila Friendship Day—a fun and flowery fiesta!

Organized by the Taipei’s Department of Labor, the 2010 Taipei & Manila Friendship Day will be held at the Station Front Plaza between the Taipei Main Station and Shinkong Mitsukoshi department store from noon to 16:30 on July 11, 2010 (Sunday). This year's activities showcase Taipei's warm hospitality and passion for our dear foreign workers all the way from the Philippines. As the host of the coming Flora Expo and to celebrate the long-awaited direct flights to China from Taipei Songshan Airport, we want to share the excitement with our beloved foreign friends and those from overseas who will be joining us in the Expo. From Taiwan to Asia, Taipei City proudly presents a wealth of exotic cuisines wherever you turn a corner, and graciously houses diverse religions and customs as a cultural hub. With the 2010 Taipei Flora Expo fast approaching, we designated Jasmine—the national flower of the Philippines—as the central theme of this event, symbolizing the staunch friendship between Taiwan and the Philippines to hand-in-hand work together for a prosperous future.

The Filipinos are hospitable by nature and long known for their gentle and amiable disposition. The year 2010 marks the 112th birthday of Philippine’s independence. The Filipino culture is a unique blend of colonial influence and its own customs and traditions, forming a one-of-a-kind cultural phenomenon. People in the Philippines believe all things have a spirit. And having influenced by Spanish religious practice, Filipinos are devout in their religions, hence religious celebrations are considered important events. The national flower of the Philippines is jasmine, and it is often used in the form of wreaths or garlands to express their amity to guest in international events. And Taipei, being a LOHAS city of humanities, technology, and environmental awareness, is full of warmth and hospitality. When asking for directions, outside visitors are sure to find the Taipei citizens a helpful bunch. In this year's event, representatives from each country will exchange wreaths and gifts as friendly gestures for a better friendship. Taipei will be gifting the Philippines with bananas, pears, and pineapples, which represent an auspicious and flourishing bond between the two countries, as well as an assortment of fruits to herald Taiwan as an island of fruits. On the other end, the Philippines will also give traditional rice products in return, as an expression of friendship and blessings for a bumper crop in years to come.

Performances will feature Filipino folk dances, historical drama and band performances, in addition to cooking shows—fun with Lumpia. Lumpia is a local Filipino snack, similar to Taiwanese pancake and is said to be originated from China. In fact, lumpia sounds like the Taiwanese pronunciation of Taiwanese pancake, a perfect representation of the tight relations between the two cultures. Chen Yeh-shin, commissioner of the Department of Labor Affairs, and Reydeluz D. Conferido, Director of Labor Affairs of the Manila Economic & Cultural Office, will grace the event and share the fun with attending guests.

In addition, we have arranged Taiwanese folk acrobat performances for our foreign friends to learn more about Taiwan’s traditional culture. The organizers have prepared exciting prizes, including four Taipei-Manila round-trip air tickets, plus mobile phones, bikes, MP3 players, home appliances, international phone cards and more. The Sweet Stalls bazaar is loaded with Taiwanese traditional sugarcoated tomatoes on a stick, Baboo ice cream, small cream puffs, hand-made cotton candy, as well as Filipino dessert Halo-Halo, coconut cake, sweet cakes, Filipino ice cream, to keep everyone’s hands and mouth full. Aside from the raffle drawing, the Department of Labor looks forward to staging diverse entertaining shows to bring our Filipino friends closer to Taiwan, and at the same time allowing the public to get in touch with and respect foreign cultures for true-hearted exchange and interaction!

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