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Love in the World of Mortals – Charity Clinics for Immigrant Workers on June 13th

Taipei’s Department of Labor and the Tzu Chi International Medical Association (TIMA) co-organize free clinic services for immigrant workers to spread the love. The first session this year will be held from 13:30 on April 11 at the Taipei Main Station lobby near the West 1 and North 3 Gates. At 14:00, a special ceremony will take place to award thirteen outstanding immigrant workers for their job well done, and all immigrant friends are welcome join us.
Hindered by the language barrier, inadequate health know-how and different hygienic habits, immigrant workers often delay seeking medical treatment when falling ill. The Department of Labor and TIMA pooled their resources in hopes of bringing focus to health issues facing these workers. Doctors proficient in Indonesian, Tagalog, and Vietnamese were invited to provide regular checkups, plus ophthalmology, dermatology, dental science, ob-gyn, internal medicine and psychiatrics services. Free hygienic and sanitation leaflets, CPR tutorials and medical counseling were also available. Immigrant workers could also pick up “Public Health Education Handbook,” “Nursing Handbook for Immigrant Workers” and “e-Communication for Immigrant Workers” on-site.
To offer a humane and caring environment for immigrant workers, the DOLA and TIMA have been co-organizing free clinic and medical counseling services since February 2004, with follow-up outpatient services provided by the Department of Health starting in 2005. To date, a total of 40 sessions were held serving 8,426 people over the course of 7 years.

Chen Yeh-shin, commissioner of the DOL noted that these immigrant workers devote their services to the people of Taiwan to make a living, leaving their homelands thousands of miles away. They deserve thoughtful treatment and outreach from us as they struggle to overcome the cultural and language differences on their job. Chen encouraged local employers to be more considerate and encourage the workers to take necessary rest. The charity clinic was organized in hopes of promoting a harmonious relationship between capital and labor as immigrant workers are offered a chance at better medical services.
This year’s first session of charity clinic and medical counseling for immigrant workers welcome all immigrant friends.
The shortlist for DOL’s 2010 outstanding immigrant workers and employers were selected by TIMA, all of whom received an eco-friendly blanket as recognition for their exceptional work (See attachment).

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