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The Philippines Santacruzan – an Ancient Folklore that Symbolizes Sacrifice and Devout Faith

The Department of Labor and the St. Christopher Church celebrated “Santacruzan in Taipei 2010” from 1:30 till 4:00 pm on Sunday, May 30th, 2010 at the church and sidewalks along Zhongshan North Rd. section two and three with a parade and other events, giving Taipei citizens a chance to enjoy the multicultural side of Taipei, further mutual understanding and respect for each other’s traditions. Participating immigrant workers in the parade distributed fresh flowers to citizens and passersby as a gesture of sharing their joy in hopes of bridging the gap between them and Taipei citizens.
The parade started from the church as participants traveled on Zhongshan North Rd. section three to cross Dehui Street, Nongan Street, Minquan East Road, Jinzhou Street, Mackay Memorial Hospital on Minsheng East Road, and turned around to return to the church via Zhongshan North Road section two and three (see the map). The parade was made up of thirteen lady workers, representing the ten holy women and donning splendid attires in unique catholic styles. The front entrance of the church was redecorated and displayed as an archway, to symbolize the gate to heaven. All the colors used on the archway represented fruits of the spirit, including faith, hope, mercy and holiness.

The Department of Labor invites you to experience the fascinating stories and cultures of these immigrant workers and their tales in Taiwan!

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