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The Weekend Getaway – Have a Blast at the Taipei City Jianguo Holiday Artist’s Corner

Celebrating the 2nd anniversary of the Taipei City Jianguo Holiday Artist’s Corner, the Department of Labor organized “Cheers and Creativity in the Imaginarium” on July 3rd and 4th, featuring gift bags giveaway for a specific amount of purchases, DIY workshops, live shows by performer Xu Jiehui and entertainment programs in hopes of attracting crowds and encouraging business opportunities to reinvigorate local commercial development.
Visitors enjoyed a wide array of merchandise on sale in the artist’s corner, including various crafts, crystals and writing materials that attracted a steady throng of treasure hunters to the site, looking for good bargains. Artists with physical disabilities also delivered a dazzling lineup of creative pieces, including ink paintings, watercolors, oil paintings, and sketches, each with a unique artistic personality.
This two-day event kicked off between July 3rd and 4th that promises something for everyone. Performance groups formed by the visually-impaired musicians, such as the Woodpeckers and the Fantastic Sounds regaled the audience with an amazing repertoire. Actor Xu Jiehui from the popular TV show, People’s Party, was at his best as he entertained the audience with his impersonation gigs featuring some of Taiwan’s heavyweight characters. Also, Mr. Wong Guozhen, a nationally-acclaimed handmade potter, wowed the audience with a rare feast of his pottery art.
For a total of NT$300 spent at any booth during the two-day event, you could win a “2010 Year of the Tiger Mug” custom-made at the kiln set up at the corner. A daily limit of 500 mugs would be given away so be there while supply lasts! You can also check out free “clay flower making” and “mosaic collage” workshops, so show up early and secure a spot at the workshop soon!
The Artist’s corner is a place with much to offer and a great hangout for the creative and artistic; together with the Jianguo Flower Market and Daan Forest Park, the three high spots form an artistic hub that you don’t want to miss! Come by to experience a creativity-filled holiday during the weekends, and embark on a journey of treasure hunt, while supporting employment for the disabled. Visit for more information.

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