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2010 Thai Cultural Festival-- exciting festivities make a splash!


Taipei’s Department of Labor (DOL) will be hosting the 2010 Thai Cultural Festival-Songkran celebration from 13:00 to 16:30 on April 10th (Sat.) at the Ashanti Square of the Xinyi Shin Kong Mitsukoshi.

This year is the 2553rd birthday of Sakyamuni Buddha, which coincides with the Thai New Year. As devout Buddhists, Thai people are peace-loving and amiable by nature. During the Songkran, celebratory festivities can be seen everywhere. Thai believe that water is the symbol of purity, the source of all life, the god of all things. In the Thai New Year, they would get up early and take a purification bath before going to the Buddha birthday ceremony and beginning the water splashing activities in the following days to celebrate the New Year. On the day of the Songkran, splashing water on people is a symbol of forgiveness, blessing, and benediction to others, so don’t get upset if you are soaked wet from all the water splashing on Songkran. Young men in Thailand also splash water on the woman they fancy to convey their adoration.

This year's event features exciting performances, with Thailand's world-renowned dance group Sabun-nga giving us a special treat, where the harvest celebration Thai folk dance showcases the fête for rice harvest in the rural country. There will also be a water-splashing blessing ceremony, and Thai rock bands performances to ameliorate the cultural exchanges between the two countries. The winner of the best aboriginal singer in the 2009 Golden Melody Award and internationally renowned aboriginal singer Inka MBing were invited to energize the event with Atayal traditional song and dance!
Aside from the immigrant cultural festivity, stalls are in place to let visitors dive in the fun, including a Thailand Big Buddha, Tzu Chi free clinic, Thai cuisine variety show from restaurants officially certified by the Thai government, Thai massage taster sessions, free handmade beads, Chinese knots and gift bags for immigrant workers and Chinese character contest for immigrant workers. The DOL has also prepared amazing raffle prizes like round-trip air tickets and many more, to rejoice with immigrant workers this important day in Thailand. This event allows Thai workers in Taiwan and Taipei citizens to joyfully celebrate a Thai cultural festival, and brings the people from the two countries closer in respecting each other for cross-cultural exchange and interactions!


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