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New thinking on work environment Five Fs – new concepts of loving one’s family starting from Taipei City

On 1 September 2016, the Department of Labor of the Taipei City Government held an Equal roles in family: “Five Fs – new concepts of loving one’s family” press conference at the kindergarten on the second floor in the South Wing of the City Hall. Lai Hsiang-lin, the Commissioner of the Labor Department, shared her experience in work and family life with the parents and children in the kindergarten.

During the press conference, Ms. Lai expressed that nowadays in most families, both husbands and wives had to work, but very often after a child was born, it was the mother who looked after the child. In cases like this, women faced the extremely heavy workload at work and home, and some were forced to give up their jobs. Now we should discard the traditional thinking and accept the “new five Fs family concepts”. The Fs are “family”, “father”, “friendly”, “fortune” and “future” (hopeful future). Fathers were invited to come along so they would actively care about their family and keep them company. In this case, not only people would feel happier with their family but help women keep their jobs and encourage them to go back to work after having children. Naturally, men should free themselves from the traditional stereotype and share housework at home, raising their children with their wives.

Article 23 of Act of Gender Equality in Employment was modified and came into effect on 20th May 2016. According to the article, employers who employ more than one hundred employees must provide the workers with breastfeeding rooms, nurseries or childcare. Commissioner Lai urges companies to offer children-friendly facilities in work environments so their employees’ family could be looked after while they at work. Furthermore, Commissioner Lai pointed out that after the article came into effect, the Labor Department held a meeting on 8th September to promote and explain the policy; additionally, it supervised and assisted businesses to set up nurseries and relevant facilities, promoting the “Five Fs new loving family concepts”.

For more details, please dial 1999(from outside Taipei City, please call 02-27208889), ext. 7011 for Labor Relations Division of the Department of Labor, Taipei City Government.

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