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Taipei City Government’s Occupational Health and Safety Policies Reduced 74% of Occupational Hazards in Construction Industry in 2016 compared with previous year

In order to reduce occupational hazards, the Department of Labor at the Taipei City Government has implemented a number of occupational health and safety policies. In 2016, the total number of occupational fatalities was 11; compared with the previous year, in which 24 deaths were reported, there were 13 less deaths, which means a reduction of 54%. Amongst all the industries, 5 fatalities occurred in the construction industry, and the number was reduced from 19 in the previous years, a reduction up to 74%.

In order to protect workers’ health and safety and to implement the Occupational Health and Safety Act in broader areas, Lai Hsiang-ling, the Commissioner of the Labor Department of the Taipei City Government, has been promoting relevant policies since she was appointed. The policies include the implementation of the “Four-year Security Plan for Workers in Taipei City (2015 – 2018)”, the establishment of key performance indicators based on the City Government’s planning, the initiation of “Taipei Large Construction @Health and Safety Project” and the implementation of the “Taipei City Light- weight Roof, Scaffold and Bird Cage Self-governance Act” and the inspection on “Working Conditions of Sales Staff Members Required to Stand for Long Hours”. Moreover, by monitoring roadwork in the city, it not only improves the workers’ safety but also proves to be a more effective method.

In the first year after Mayor Ko took office, the Department of Labor drafted the “Taipei City Light-weight Roof, Scaffold and Bird Cage Self-governance Act”, which was ratified by the local council. It empowers the Taipei City Labor Inspection Office to implement the Act, and it was also the first local government that has achieved it in Taiwan. Since it was implemented one and half years ago, 4,358 cases were reported, and that gave the authorities more control over the situations and opportunities to offer supervision. The “Taipei Large Construction @Health and Safety Project” was initiated in April 2016, and the number of employees, who had participated in the training held by the Taipei City Government together with their employers, has reached the target. By the end of 2016, more than 8,000 “Taipei City Occupational Health and Safety Cards” were issued and 8,604 people were qualified after the training. In 2017, the project not only continues but to be expanded, and the Taipei City Government is planning to collaborate with the neighboring cities to break down the barriers between local governments. In this case, we can make the public even more aware of occupational health and safety.

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