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Turn your life around with technology – vocational training for the disabled

On third floor of the Taipei SE Square, Taipei City Foreign and Disable Labor Office and Flow Ltd. held a press conference to demonstrate the result of the vocational training and share their experience of working with people with disabilities. Amongst the participants, Mr. Liao, who has cerebral palsy, is a great example. Mr. Liao obtained a master degree through long-distance learning program, however, due to the stiff muscles and his mumbling, he missed many job opportunities. After having completed the Flow BIM training course, Mr. Liao becomes a BIM engineer at the Flow and begins a new life.

Following the trend of building business in the cloud, Flow Ltd. set up a BIM team, opening a new dimension in the job market for people with disabilities. Moreover, they are the first company, which runs a free BIM vocational training course for people with disabilities. The results are very impressive as up to 70% of the trainees have found jobs after the course; twice higher than the average vocational training, which reaches 35%. They offer the participants a much smoother transition from training to work.

Mr. Liao has suffered from cerebral palsy since he was little. At the age of eight, he was rejected by many schools due to his severe disabilities. Although he later obtained a master degree, he failed to find a job. Suffering from stiff muscles and the inability to pronounce clearly, he joined the Flow vocational training course, during which he practiced more than eight hours a day. Through the computer aids and help from the instructors, Mr. Liao was able to design a building information model on his own and was offered a job as a BIM engineer at the Flow. ‘This job has turned my life around. Finally, I’ve got a chance to lead an independent life.’ Mr. Liao typed these words on the monitor to express his feelings after he had finished the training.

Roy Chang , CEO of the Flow Ltd., says. ‘For people with disabilities, it brings them not only financial independence but dignity and self-confidence. We hope that through the smooth transition from training to work, we could stop them being labeled as burden to society and turn them into manpower.’ Chen Hui-chi, the director of Taipei City Foreign and Disabled Labor Office, appreciates the innovative thinking of helping people with disabilities get into the job market. Chen expresses. ‘BIM is a brand new concept in the vocational training for people with disabilities. Moreover, a course tailored for future job hugely increases their chance of finding work.’ In addition to sharing the result of the training and the increased opportunities, we demonstrate the Taipei City Government’s support and promotion in vocational training. We truly welcome people with disabilities to applying for the 2017 vocational training courses.

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