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Results of second inspection on financial industry show working conditions gradually improving

The Labor Department at the Taipei City Government published the results of the second inspection carried out on 32 financial institutes in 2016. Commissioner Ms. Lai Hsiang-ling expressed that in order to monitor the working conditions in the financial institutes and see if the overdue overtime pay had been paid to the employees, the Department carried out the second inspection. 32 financial institutes were inspected by 70 labor inspectors and accompanying officials, and 128 attendances were involved in total.

According to the results published today, the total number of articles violated in 2016 was 54; compared with the total number of 106 in 2015, it is reduced by 49.1%. The initial results show that in the past two years, the working conditions in the financial industry had been slowly improving. Among all the institutes, HWATAI Bank , The Export-Import Bank of the Republic of China, China Development Industrial Bank and The Shanghai Commercial & Savings Bank were found that not only they did not violate any regulations but also make significant improvement in the aspects of overtime pay, extended working hours, off time and meetings between employers and employees.

As for the overdue overtime pay (Article 24 of the Labor Standard Act), the number of the institutes that violated the regulations was reduced from 31 in 2015 to 21 in 2016, which means a small reduction of 32.2%. As for exceeding the maximum working hours (more than 12 hours a day or 46 hours overtime in a month), the number of the institutes, which violated Article 32, paragraph 2 of the Labor Standard Act, was 15 less than previous year, and that is a huge reduction of 68.1%.

The Labor Standard Division at the Department of Labor analyzed the information collected during the inspections carried out in the past two years and found that in the case of exceeding working hours, it tended to happen to employees working in the departments of trust, management and information due to the nature of their work, rotation and the requirement of testing the systems. Moreover, as a result of the rotation, some drivers had to do more than 46 extra hours in a month. The Department of Labor expressed that long working hours put enormous pressure on workers both mentally and physically and caused various undesirable effects. The business entities should pay more attention to the issue and stop overworking the staff.

There are various reasons for the insufficient overtime pay. During the labor inspection, we found that how they calculate the overtime pay mainly depends on the applications submitted by the employees, and that made it more difficult to count extra working hours. The other issue is that since bonus or commissions are not included in overtime pay, the hour of working overtime was often counted less. Commissioner Ms. Lai expressed that in addition to carrying out the inspection, the Department would compile a report based on the results we found and offer it to Financial Supervisory Commission in the hope that the Commission would include the management policy, labor training course and the establishment of internal complain filing system into its assessment of banks.

Ms. Lai expressed her gratitude to the union representatives and other experts, who accompanied the inspectors, for their advice on how to improve the management in the financial industry in the past two years. It has made the bankers more aware of the Labor Standard Act and the management of human resource more reasonable, which subsequently improves the work environment in the banking industry.

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  • Source: Department of Labor, Taipei City Government