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The “annual ritual ceremonies of indigenous peoples of Taiwan are to be designated as legal holidays, which regulated by the Labor Standards Law. The employers shall grant their employees with indigenous identities a day off with pay.

“The annual ritual ceremonies of the Taiwan indigenous people is of significance for rallying the identification with tribes and maintaining indigenous culture”, said Department of Labor of Taipei City Government.

Since January 31, 2011 the Central Labor authority has stipulated every tribe’s “Annual Ritual Ceremony” is to be a day of rest, in accordance with Article 37 of the Labor Standards Law .The business entities who employ indigenous people are supposed to follow each tribe’s ceremony and allow them a day off with pay. Provided that the indigenous annual ceremony is coincidently on the same day that the indigenous employee has been scheduled to have a day off, he is granted another day off.

Each tribe’s annual ritual ceremony date is as in the appendix.

The Department of Labor suggests that the business entities should be aware of whether or not their employees are indigenous. The employees can verify their status with a household registration certificate. Employees can ask for days off on their own annual ritual ceremony. Any further questions for related leaves please call the Taipei City Resident Hotline at 1999 and then ask the operator to put you through to the Labor Standard Division.

Each tribe’s annual ritual ceremony date.
TribeTitle of Annual Ceremony Date of Annual Ceremony
The AmisMalalikit, Malikoda, Ilisin, Kiloma’anFind a day off from July 1 to Sept. 30
The AtayalRyax Smqas Hnuway Utux KayalThe last Friday of August
The PaiwanMasalut Find a day off from July 1 to Aug. 31
The BununMalahtangia The second Friday of May
The Puyuma Amiyan December 31
The Tsou Mayasvi Find a day off from Feb. 1 to April 30
The Rukai Kalabecengane
Tabesengane at Kaohsiung
Find a day off from July 1 to Aug. 31
The Saisiyat Oemowaz ka kawas Find a day off from March 28 to April 25, 3rd Chinese lunar month
The Yami(The Tao) Mapasamoran so piyafean May 26, the 1st day of 5th Chinese lunar month
The Thau Lusan Find a day off from Sept. 20 to Oct. 19, 8th Chinese lunar month
The Kavalan Qataban Find a day off from July 10 to Aug. 31
The Truku Mgay Bari Oct. 15
The Sakizaya Palamal The first Friday of Oct.
The Seediq Qlasan Tninun/Smesung Kmetuy Dec. 31
The Saaroa Miatungusu March 1
The Kanakanavu Mikong Find a day off from Oct. 1 to Oct. 31

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