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How do I change my password?

1. Forgot your password?
Please visit our home page and select "for jobseekers" or "for recruiters," click "forgot your password?" which is below the bottom of "log in" and a window will show up. Then enter your account number, select "anywhere on the page" and a password reminder will show up. If that does not ring the bell, please contact our customer service representative on (02) 2595-1808.
2. Change your password
(1) For jobseekers: after logging on, click "my office" then click "change of password" which is the last option on the grey bookmark to change your password.
(2) For recruiters: after logging in, please find "log out" bottom at the top of the right hand side corner, click "change of password" which is at the left side of log out bottom, then change your password on the window showed up.