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Words from the Director

Dear Friends:
We take off running toward the goal of Taipei Vocational Training Center in the year 2009, determined to provide 10,000 trainees designated this year, by continuing “Daytime Development Training”, “Night-time Job Transferring Training” and “Training Co-operated with Industry” programs, also by expanding “Training Outsourcing” programs. We are implementing the approaches that “enroll every month, start training every month” combined with “Career Fair” held by Employment Services Center of Department of Labor, to carry out large-scale admissions in order to achieve “enroll-and-admit” policy for current stage of the mission.
We are faced with the impacts of Global Financial Tsunami and rapid rising of unemployment rate at the same time. In this situation we follow the vocational training policies of Council of Labor Affairs, Executive Yuan, implementing the “Short-term Employment Skill Promotion Program” services for the employees on the job, and executing “Skill Plus Program” services for the employees with unpaid leave. Through these two plans both employers and employees are benefited. Companies can improve the qualities of labor force and efficiently utilize human resources by joining the vocational training services. And, Trainees receive NT$ 10,000 monthly subsidies. The plans are expected to stabilize the industrial relations and to develop well equipped labor forces.
In addition, Taipei City Government has completed “Help Unemployed to Restart” plan to stabilize the living of the unemployed. The plan consists of several sub-plans in which Department of Civil Affairs is responsible for “Switch on Your Caring” project to actively discover unemployed in need, Department of Social Welfare is responsible for “Warmth Delivery” offering either “Immediate Cares” or “Cares and Assistances” mechanisms to provide substantive subsidies and assistances, and TVTC is responsible for “Employment Services” to positively promote job matching services and supply subsidies and allowances. As to the ultimate goal of “Vocational Training,” it is TVTC’s duty to achieve “Vocational Training Reengineering and Employment Stability.”
As public servants, we should speak with stern countenance that “empathize with labors, identify with labors” as our maxim.