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The applications of technology to enhance the management of occupational safety of public works of Taipei City Government.

In 2019 several serious occupational accidents were happening at the construction sites in Taipei to the workers: some had bad falls from high altitude sites, others were electrocuted by energized equipment, and still others were injured by collapsing objects or were involved in collisions when working in road construction.

In wake of those serious occupational accidents occurring at the construction sites in Taipei City, Director Chen Hsin-Yu of the Department of Labor (DOL), Taipei City Government led the Taipei City Labor Inspection Office, accompanied by the Department of Urban Development, Taipei City Government, who is the organizer of the construction project, to visit the Guangci Community for joint inspection for its overall development of the construction planning, the Tender E Turnkey Lump Sum Contract Work. Its aim is to urge the business entities to fulfill and be in compliant with the labor laws, to efficiently enhance our public works safety and to make our employees not be too concerned about themselves with their own safety at the workplace.

Director Chen expressed that in addition to the safety and health measures set up by the law, the business entity is applying the advance technological devices at the work place to supplement and assist in the safety and health management and to greatly reduce the risks of doing constructions. They are using the facial recognition system at the entrance of the construction site for the access control, utilizing the drones for safety and health management in a high altitude site, setting up rest rooms for employees and utilizing virtual reality (VR) for education training of employees. The business entity added that this public housing is a green building, with 3 cm of thick thermal insulation mortar to insulate from the heat. In the summer, the interior is comfortable and energy can be saved, which are also two of the features of this building.

Finally, Director Chen pointed out that the public works of Taipei City Government are supposed to be the good model for the private works. He expects that the organizer of this project could supply their experience in occupational safety of the construction site for the references of our other public works. It will have advantages for contractors to improve their managements and facilities for occupational safety and health in the operations.