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The Second Employment Subsidy Program.The Number of New Jobs increased to 1,265 ,A Thousand People in Taipei Participating in the Pandemic Prevention Employment Program 2.0

       On April 10, 2020 Taipei City Government introduced the project “A Thousand People in Taipei Participating in the Pandemic Prevention Employment Program 2.0”, in which the number of new jobs has increased from 757 to 1,265. The government sector has opened more temporary jobs related to the pandemic and invites people to join the Taipei City pandemic prevention team.
Chen Hsin-Yu, the director of the Department of Labor (DOL), Taipei City Government expressed that in wake of the severe COVID-19 pandemic, up to April 15 the unemployed numbers reported to our Employment Service Center have increased by 22.78%, compared with that of last April. In order to ease the employee’s immediate difficulty caused by the impact of the pandemic, some short-term employment programs have constantly been examined and discussed. As of April 1, the project “A Thousand People in Taipei Participating in the Pandemic Prevention Employment Program 1.0” was comprised of offering 1,001 new jobs and all the jobs were filled up. And, the program 2.0 was released on the 10th of the same month that aims to call for people to participate in the pandemic prevention team.

       In the program 2.0, 1,265 new jobs have been created. Up to the release date of this article, April 17, there have been 562 people registering online, 370 people registered for approval to the Employment Service Center in person. 233 people are scheduled for an interview. Upon being interviewed, they can begin to work immediately. This program will be open for people to apply for, until the jobs are filled.

       Director Chen reiterated that every subsidy should be spent for the right purpose. Some authorities don’t need more full-time employees. However, we cooperate with the Central authority to offer some employment programs for people to choose from. Those who in the last 6 months have worked for 2 months and have had the labor insurance, and moreover have an insured salary below NT$23,800, meet the qualification to apply for the program 2.0, “Taipei City pandemic prevention team”.

       As long as you want to participate in the preceding team, working for an institute of Taipei City Government, please carry your identification card and go to register with any one of our employment service centers. The district of the household registration doesn’t restrict the applicant. Upon meeting the qualification, the applicant will be interviewed and assigned to work immediately. After being hired, the employee can get a maximum of 80 hours per month. The wage is NT$158 per hour, and the maximum salary per month is NT$12,640. The maximum period of the supplementary work is for 6 months.

       Those who want to apply for it, please directly go with your identification card and register in any employment service center of Taipei City. Someone who makes an appointment online still needs to bring his or her identification card and register in any of our employment service centers. As soon as being approved, the applicant will be scheduled for an interview. For any further questions, please contact our employment service dedicated line at 02-23085231, or go to our official website https://eso.gov.taipei/ .