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City Visits Indonesian Economic and Trade Office to Taipei

Taipei City Government’s Department of Labor (DOL) Commissioner Chen Hsin-Yu visited the Indonesian Economic and Trade Office to Taipei (IETO) today to exchange opinions in relation to outbreak prevention. The commissioner especially emphasized that Taipei City will apply the policy of “humanitarian care and priority on outbreak prevention” to migrant workers in Taiwan, hoping to reinforce collaborative efforts and ensure the health of migrant workers in the country.

During her visit, Chen indicated that there are nearly 40,000 Indonesian migrant workers in Taipei City that form the backbone of the homecare network; therefore, Taipei citizens are extremely grateful for them. With the COVID-19 outbreak, the city government has communicated vital outbreak prevention information to the migrant workers through multiple channels. However, some migrant workers are unable to obtain the necessary outbreak prevention resources due to their identities; hence, the government has requested the IETO to offer them assistance.

IETO Labor Department Director Wu Da commended Taipei City’s policies, and the IETO has already approached migrant workers gathering grounds throughout Taiwan including Taipei, Changhua, and Chiayi to deliver outbreak prevention resources and communicate outbreak-related information. In addition, the IETO also regularly distributes surgical masks for Indonesian citizens at 10:00 and 14:00 during weekdays without checking their identity documents. It is hoped that these measures will let both legal migrant workers and those without legitimate documentation receive the necessary outbreak prevention resources.

The IETO also commented that they will continue advising their citizens not to abscond, but there are still people in Taiwan hiring migrant workers who have gone AWOL, and some of the migrant workers only quit their work without permission because they have been tempted or misled by their illegal employers. Hence, it is hoped that Taiwan will also strengthen communication to those hiring illegal workers and adjust the punitive measures in order to put a stop to the problem of illegal hiring and fleeing.

Chen also thanked the IETO for assisting in outbreak prevention work, and bilateral interactions will be stepped up in the future in response to the changes in the outbreak conditions, so as to protect the safety of Indonesian migrant workers in Taiwan and allow them to work with peace of mind.