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Digital Game Design Journey for the Future

 Shen, Dowkang, Manager
                                    Zhan Lang International Ltd.
​     In Taiwan, despite all the other industries being in recession, have you found the various video games and mobile games in the past few years to be popular on the street, on TV or on the internet?

     A lot of prevailing advertisements and demonstrations of games, such as Heaven Heroes Record, Lineage M, Dragon Nest M, Arena of Valor, Tower of Saviors and Travel Frog, etc. have been on market. Furthermore, the gaming demo and presentation held by the agents of the games have been promoted at internet cafes and gaming exhibition areas around Taipei city. There’s a surprise every week. The variety of virtual roles reacts with the game players, which can be seen around the city. Its aim is to reach a goal of promoting the games through the daily life of modern people.

​     According to the data dated December of 2017, on a leaderboard for popularity of games it obviously shows that the Role-Playing Game (RPG) has been ranked at the top of the list for all categories. In the game, players play the role in a virtual world and proceed through the game. The player playing a role in a virtual world completes a mission, set by the game, by manipulating the actions of a character. Players can experience different fantastic plots to satisfy their sense of accomplishment.

     Additionally, in 2017 the market value of the global video games market has reached 50 billion U.S. dollars. Taiwan, ranking in the top 5 of the Asia-Pacific region and in the top 15 of the world, hits approximately 10 billion U.S dollars.

​     With the advantages of having strong growth in marketing, an open environment and being strategically significant for the gaming market in the Asia-Pacific Area, Taiwan has become a primary stop for those game merchants from China, Japan, Korea and Singapore, who want to develop the overseas markets.

​     Additionally, the market value for mobile games within the last 5 years has seen a swift growth in the double digits. The VR games experience will become the most popular gaming platform in the future. The overall market value of games is consistently growing, and the market potential is something that can’t be neglected.

​     In November of 2017, the Legislative Yuan passed the three readings of the bill “Sports Industry Development Act” for its amendment of a partial article, in which “e-Sports” and “sports brokers” have been adapted into the Sports Industry Development Act. After the e-Sports was officially formalized, the Sports Administration, Ministry of Education now is progressively implementing the “League of Legends” for school championships, which shows the expectations and regards of the Government to our e-Sports industry and the cultivation for our future national team. In 2018’s National University Sports Competition, the “e-Sports” has been adopted into the competition as one of the competition categories.

​     Thanks to the stay-at-home-economy, the development and growth of the video game industry are soaring. It also shows the industry urgently needs various talents in the gaming industry. The tasks from initially conceiving of a game, the story background, the title, how to play, its purpose, its mission, its structure, and the layout of the various environments of the game, to the tasks of developing the program and the designing of the characters, sceneries and art, require the professionals. And when the games are preparing for the market, people are needed for packaging, promotion, customer service, media exposure and social media managing. The preceding shows that a lot of related outstanding professional talents are needed in this competitive and soaring industry.

​     In other words, game design specialists, game programmers, game art designers, game testers, game marketing and social media managers, game customer service staff, member payment flow processers and external derivatives like, game streamers are imminently needed.

     Taipei City Vocational Department Institute has listened to the expectations from every sector of the industry, and tried to recognize the time span needed for cultivating a talent from being a rookie to becoming a productive professional in this industry. A game designer on average spends 12 months, an engineer spends 9.7 months and an art designer spends 9 months from being a rookie to becoming a professional. The cost of cultivating a rookie in this industry is a big challenge for both promoting the industry and in competing with other countries. For decreasing the training costs needed in cultivating a professional specialist of the game industry, the basic course “digital game planning design” has been opened since January of 2018. The course syllabus are composed of, the introduction of game design, the layout of the RPG design and distribution of design tasks, the worldwide perspectives of games, the style background of a character in the setting of the game, the management of artistic production of sceneries and atmospheres, the basic principal of manipulating the movements of the characters and the basic operations for each function of the game engine. Those who are interested in working for the gaming industry or who consider changing to work in this field can quickly study and learn game design, learn how to use logical thinking , learn how to improve upon their inferring skills, learn how to build concepts of marketing planning and implement them into practice.

     Our courses are highly recommended. We are consistently opening new courses, and the “Advanced Game’s Programming” is imminently being introduced. Anyone interested in our courses is welcome to register at the Taipei City Vocational Department Institute. We are pleased to journey together with you in the game industry. Please go to our website on https://www.tvdi.gov.taipei or call at (02)2872-1940 for inquiring about the related courses.