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Online courses on labor laws and regulations: “Cheerleading group for the workers” .Studying at home during the pandemic.

       This year, both employees and employers are being baptized by fire. The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic has caused major problems to the economy and labor market. Some workers are taking unpaid leave, are being laid off, or taking leave to take care of their families. Some employers have to close down and deal with wages and severance pay.

       Our country has thorough regulations, and the Government carries on laws and regulations explanations.However, when we encounter related labor issues, it is inevitable for us to wonder “who can understand our problems”? and “where can we find materials and methods to solve our problems”? 

       At present, each government agency is strengthening virus prevention, and many practical courses relating to labor regulations has been closed. It’s becoming more difficult to find information when we need to know something about our own rights and interests.
For the employees and employers to understand the related laws and regulations, as well as to protect labor rights and interests, the Department of Labor of Taipei City Government has created official Facebook pages, “Working in Taipei”. Please go to the following website: https://reurl.cc/ZO9Q3Q.

       It’s a 10-part series of “Cheerleading groups for the workers.” It’s a program on labor education using courses online. In each series, we invited lawyers and university professors, in Taiwan, who specialize in labor law. The issue of the labor rights and interests, such as, labor conditions, workplace safety and equal rights in the workplace were taught by having dialogue between the host and the lawyer or the professor.

       In attempt to innovate the content of the course, the series initially was conducted using a unit program. The labor laws and regulations were shown in a user-friendly manner. Each episode started with a play of “workplace situation” to show what is so-called no good situation in workplace. It was followed by the unit “Labor knowledge King”, in which the professional speaker explained a profound theory in simple language regarding laws and regulations. Finally, the episode ended with the unit of “Works Canteen”, where the work conditions and moods of workers in each field were introduced through foods. Taking the 4th episode, titled “Asking for a leave of absence from work and making a clarification of shift rules” as an example, microwave food reflected the workplace conditions of the registered nurse (RN) who is too busy to eat normally. In the end of the course, the program took advantage of Facebook to allow for instant interaction. Questions from the netizens were answered.

       Being affected by the pandemic outbreak, employees and employers are encountering a difficult situation with the labor market. Fortunately, a crisis can also be an opportunity. It is a good chance to reorganize and begin anew. During the pandemic, employees and employers can stay at home and watch the online program “Cheerleading group for the workers” to increase their knowledge of the labor laws and regulations. Maintaining this knowledge can increase your power in the workplace. Let the “Cheerleading group for the workers” and the Department of Labor, Taipei City Government root for you. Let’s go and stick to it, for your work and life!

Online courses on labor laws and regulations: “Cheerleading group for the workers”