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Tips for enterprises – About the gender equality index in workplaces

       Since 2009, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has developed the Gender Equality Project and Gender Equality Seal for the Public and Private Organizations certification process. Currently, more than 400 enterprises have earned the Gender Equality Seal for Public and Private Organizations. The UNDP has said that when enterprises manage with gender consciousness and gender quality, the benefits include excellent performance, low absence rates, low resignation rates and more. Therefore, Taipei City announced the Taipei City Gender Equality Index for Workplaces in December 2018. In 2019, it will help enterprises and the six companies affiliated with the city government to conduct self-evaluations. In accordance with the results, if necessary, the index will be revised using roll planning. It is estimated that the Taipei City Government will encourage enterprises to apply for the Certification for Gender Equality Index in 2020.

What are the seven gender equality indices for workplaces? How should businesses promote them?

Index 1: Mechanisms for promoting the gender equality index (6%)

       Enterprises will be inspected to see whether they have any organizations or mechanisms to promote gender equality and whether the senior executive officers have made open promises to promote gender equality. It requires the top decision-making level to promise openly regarding the promotion of this vision. Therefore, persuading this decision-making level should be regarded as a top priority.

Index 2: Promote gender equality in organizational decision-making (16%)

       This index refers to gender equality in decision-making and the gender ratio in decision-making and management organizations. Enterprises can review whether there is a high ratio of personnel of a single gender in their decision-making organizations in decision-making processes with reference to an analysis of their current conditions. Regarding the management section, the ratio of personnel of different genders in different work types/levels should be reviewed to find out if the gender inequality situation is more serious as the management levels get higher. The promotion mechanism and framework should also be reviewed to find out if there is any gender prejudice or if any more active measures should be taken.

Index 3: Promote equality of wage among genders (8%)

       The wage gap may be the result of seniority, education, duties, and working hours. However, before identifying the factors of pay gap or conducting pay grade reform, enterprises should compare the number of employees of different genders performing the same duties in order to understand if there are any tacit wage gap blind spots.

Index 4: Education training to promote gender equality (8%)

Index 5: Balance between work and family (16%)

Index 6: Friendly measures for pregnancy (24%)

       This index examines the presence of friendly measures for pregnancy, unpaid parental leave for raising children, child allowances, child care measures or facilities, use of a breast-feeding room, and more for personnel of different genders and levels. In addition, regarding workplace safety for pregnant women, whether there are any special plans or measures will also be examined.

Index 7: Gender friendly measures for workplace safety (14%)

       To safeguard personnel workplace safety and to enable all employees to be free from sexual harassment and workplace bullying, friendly workplaces should be maintained. It includes policy-making, handling guidelines, and prevention measures. Depending on personnel of different levels, education and training should be implemented. In addition, regarding the provision of friendly and safety measures for personnel taking night shifts, this is also a main point to be checked in enterprises during evaluations.

       The “Taipei City Gender Equality Index for Workplaces” is the tool to help enterprises to promote gender equality. Enterprises should inspect the gender equality consciousness in their various departments by implementing the gender equality indices. It helps enterprises to modify current mechanisms to promote gender quality. The stipulation of the indices is just a beginning to allow businesses to understand and employ them to change the workplace culture. Our department will work with enterprises together to achieve the goal of gender equality.