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The Examiner of Labor Conditions Gets on the Road to Assist with Free consultations, an employer doesn’t need to worry about the Labor Standards Act.

       From nowadays, Department of Labor (DOL), Taipei City Government sets up the system of examiner of labor conditions to offer the free legal consulting service for a business entity. A business entity who wants a consultation can apply for it.

       The examiner of labor conditions will go to access the business entity to conduct on-site inspections, referring to the management system, and give suggestions on how to make improvements. It helps the business entity to do a better job in compliance with the labor laws.
The director of the DOL, Chen, Hsin-Yu, expressed that since taking over the office, he has been highly concerned about the labor law violation made by the business entities of Taipei. Most of the business entities, who are in a violation of the preceding law, are the small and medium-sized companies with less than 100 employees. Also, he has found that the owners of the business entities don’t hire a professional with a good deal of management expertise in labor affairs, and owners aren’t really motivated to study the labor law. They easily tend to believe their associates in the same industry, and follow their misleading advice. The cases of labor-management disputes are increasing, which is a cause for us to be concerned.

       In general, employers exclude labor inspectors, according to Chen. However labor inspectors could be a partner and a backstage planner to help small and medium-sized companies with improving labor conditions. This year, the DOL introduces the system of examiner of labor conditions to a business entity to offer the free legal consulting service. They are conducting an evaluation on the overall labor management system, such as the wages, work time, days off, asking for a leave and etc. After knowing the management issues of the business entity, the examiner will supply the business entity with the legal concept and the concrete suggestions, so that the business entity can make an effective improvement to be in accordance with the labor law.

       Director Chen emphasized that in addition to the labor inspection and law declaration, the introduction of examiner of labor conditions, with whom the business entity can consult with, is significant for the enhancements of labor conditions. It helps the small and medium-sized companies with concrete suggestions and helps them to revise their management system for complying with the law. It’s an excellent opportunity for the business entity to effectively and immediately improve their labor environment for the rights and interest of employees.
The business entity is encouraged to apply to the DOL of Taipei City Government. The application form is accessible on our website https://reurl.cc/R4Wr7G(Chinese), under the section “Inspector of labor conditions accessing to on-site consultations”.

       However, any cases, which are under the procedures of the mediation of labor-management disputes or under the process of labor inspection, are expected to be scheduled with our examiner of labor conditions for free consultation after the mediation and the inspection are completed, Director Chen added.