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Setting up medical personnel for on-site service by the large business entity

In addition to having occupational hazards caused by traditional physical, chemical and biological factors at the workplace, employees are currently facing more psychological stress caused by performance assessment, long work hours and musculoskeletal disorders, etc. The data on death benefits approved by the Bureau of Labor Insurance showed that the death toll caused by brain and cardiovascular diseases in the past 3 years from Jan 2014 to Nov 2017 was 89 people. Obviously this new and emerging occupational disease is eventually fatal. In order to prevent the employees at the workplace from any occupational diseases, business entities are expected to hire or contract out medical personnel to offer on-site service for employee’s safety and health.

     For the large business entity with over 300 employees at one workplace, or over 100 employees working in an environment that is especially hazardous to the employee’s health, the Regulations of Labor Health Protection stipulates the medical personnel should be either employed or contracted to treat the service at the workplace. This can prevent the employees from getting occupational diseases, and it helps promote the employees physical and mental health. The on-site services include tracking down the employees whose health examination results show abnormalities,management, giving health guidance and case study of occupational diseases. Accompanied by members of related departments and the Department of Occupational Safety and Health, the medical personnel can conduct an interview at the workplace, investigate the employee’s health condition and its relevance with their work and propose improvements for the safety and health facilities.

    The nursing staff employed by the business entity is in charge of relevant health services with employees, such as the prevention of occupational diseases and management of physical and mental health, etc. It is prohibited for the business entity to ask the nursing staff to do any work which isn’t relevant with the health services of the employees. In regards to the treatment of employee’s health data, the personal information should be held under strict confidence according to the Personal Information Protection Act.

The Taipei City Labor Inspection Office, LIO, has found that on-site medical service in some business entities is too homogeneous, and the issue of employee’s physical and mental health is not concerning enough. The LIO therefore suggests the business entity add the following on-site services:

In regards to the prevention of overwork: Applying the health examination record and burnout questionnaire or referring to the guidance of preventing disease caused by the abnormal work burden, the medical personnel will make the evaluation for the three risk factors and then make an arrangement for an interview with the employees for implementing necessary measures.

In regards to the Ergonomics: The ergonomic risk factors at workplaces are clarified by conducting the musculoskeletal questionnaire or a simple ergonomics checklist (see the guidance of Ergonomic Hazards Prevention Project conducted by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration) for the employees. In accordance with the preceding results, an occupational therapist or physical therapist will be sent to offer on-site service. If further improvements in the ergonomics are needed, a therapist can accompany the staff working for the Occupational Safety and Health Department to make changes.

In regards to the physical and mental health: The business entity can consult nursing staff for suggestions about related physical and mental health, and then arrange a psychologist for further on-site service.

    In regards to any female employees under 18 years of age or being pregnant or less than a year after labor: The nursing staff is expected to help find proper work for the above said female employees and educate them in health matters. Moreover the on-site doctor will take the essential steps and, if necessary, refer them to see the obstetrician or gynecologist.

     There are more and more concerns with the employees’ health issues. In accordance with the amendment of “Regulations on Labor Health Protection” released Nov.13, 2017, the business entity with more than 50 employees is expected to gradually facilitate the medical personnel there. This policy will evolve so that more employees can take advantage of the care.

To those business entities who don’t abide by the law to set up the on-site medical personnel or don’t make any improvements within a limited period after being informed of by any labor inspection authorities, a fine of more than NT$30,000 and less than NT$150,000 will be imposed.