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Salary Transparency Protects Job Seekers’ Rights

       Employment Service Act obligates employers to disclose salary information. According to Article 5, Paragraph 2, Subparagraph 6, when employers are recruiting or hiring workers, they are prohibited from offering job openings with regular earnings less than NTD 40,000 without disclosing the salary amount or notifying the salary ranges. The amendment has been officially effective since November 30, 2018!  When employers are hiring, if the regular earnings does not reach NTD 40,000, they are required to notify the job seekers about the minimum regular earnings of the job openings “before the application” for the job instead of during the interview. 

       For example, Boss Wang’s company is hiring an administrative assistant and is posting an advertisement through online recruiting sites. If Boss Wang is planning to offer regular earnings that are less than NTD 40,000 for this job opening, then Wang is required by law to disclose or notify the salary range. On the recruiting ad, disclosure of salary information can be displayed using a range (e.g. NTD 30,000 to 33,000), a set amount (e.g. NTD 30,000), or a minimum amount (e.g. above NTD 30,000). Employers can also supplement this with details on their recruiting and salary approval criteria (e.g. NT33,000 with working experience of 5 years or above; NTD 30,000 with working experience between 1-3 years). 

       The Taipei City Government’s Department of Labor (DOL) is advising that to promote transparency of salary information, employers shall disclose salary information in accordance with regulations, and they shall refer to the regular earnings already offered to workers in the same or similar fields to set forth a reasonable salary range. At the same time, employers can also refer to the “Real-Time Search System for Salary by Job Category ” (https://pswst.mol.gov.tw/psdn/) set up by the DOL or “Salary Survey and College Graduate Hires Guide Search System” (https://yoursalary.taiwanjobs.gov.tw/) to inquire on current salary information in all job categories in order to effectively increase success in employer-employee matchmaking.