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Department of Labor


Mayor Ko hosts the grand opening for the Labor Rights and Interests Center. A single route of versatile services to enhance performance and efficiency.

       The grand opening for the Labor Rights and Interests Center (LRIC) of Taipei City Government (TCG) was formally held on August 3. Mayor Ko, accompanied by the director of Department of Labor (DOL) Lai, Hsiang-Lin, hosted the ceremony in the Second Administration Center of TCG.
Director Lai said that the DOL in 2018 established the LRIC, situated at the 6th floor of the 2nd Administrative Center of TCG. It aims to promoting the understanding between the labor and management sides, pushing employees to take advantage of public service resources and stabilizing the labor market and environment. It integrates all the businesses of a consultancy for the labor laws, mediation to labor-management issues and inspecting service on labor conditions to offer the public services, such as consultation, mediation and inspection of complaints. The versatile services can shorten the application process and time.

       In accordance with the statistics of the DOL, the labor-management dispute cases totaled 5,000 in Taipei in 2017. It was 1/5 of all the cases in Taiwan. On average each case took more than 30 working days. With the LRIC, there have been 2,515 cases this year, from Jan. to June. The average time for each case has been shortened to 20 working days. The LRIC has 7 exclusive mediation rooms. After mediation, both labor and management sides immediately confirm the minutes and sign for recognition for reducing the processing time of the documents. Additionally, an E-platform “Immediate Labor Perception” has been set for the public to use for applying online for a mediation of labor and management issue or making arrangements online with a legal consultant.

       Mayor Ko emphasized that the government should change its function from a managing role to a more servicing role for the public.

       There are many approaches to help insure the protection of laborer’s rights and interests. LRIC is one of the ways to offer a single route of versatile services.

       Today Mayor Ko gives certificates of appreciation to thank Chu, Hongbin, Deputy Managing Director of Association of Labor Relations R.O.C and Kon, Fenwen, Managing Director of Labor Law Promotion R.O.C. for their efforts to handle the business of labor-management issues, and for their contributions to protecting labor rights and interests.