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Department of Labor


The Department of Labor called for the inspection and verification of legal foreign labor agencies

       The Taipei City Foreign and Disabled Labor Office of the city received reports at the end of 2017. Some foreign workers were taken away from the original employer's workplace to work outside the scope of their permits. Immediately, an investigation began to interview the relevant personnel and make a conversational record to clarify the case and found that there was an illegal foreign labor agency. After the Department of Labor cancelled their private employment service license, they set up a new company at the same address using public neglect on inspection. The new company and the original company that had been revoked having similar sounding names, it is suspected that this is a case of the ol’ swapperoo, continuing to carry out the illegal use of employment services for foreign workers. After nearly half a year of investigation and collection of relevant information, it was found that the business was found highly suspicious. The case was transferred to the Taipei District Prosecutor’s Office for investigation.

       The Department of Labor states that illegal employers contracting foreigners to work for others illegally are in violation of the provisions of Article 45 of the Employment Service Act and are entitled to a fine of NT$100,000 to NT$500,000 according to the Act. If they are intentionally exploiting them for profit, the heaviest sentence is imprisonment of up to three years, or a fine of up to NT$1.2 million. The sentence is extremely heavy, and the Department of Labor appeals to companies to not test the law and be made examples of. If a member of the public is employed by a private employment service agency, they should check in advance with the Department of Labor's Workforce Development Agency's “Private Employment Service Enquiry System” (https://agent.wda.gov.tw/agentext/agent/QryAgent.jsp) to confirm that the private employment service agency is legally operating and has an unexpired license. If you hire a foreigner to work, you must check the original copy of the "Republic of China Alien Resident Certificate" and relevant household information (such as: household registration) before applying for a foreign spouse, or check for the original copy of their identification card, check whether the identity of the foreign spouse is confirmed, and take a photo or photocopy of the original document for later inspection; in addition, before applying for foreign students, you must also check the original copy of the "A.R.C.," "Student Card" and "Student Work Permits” to check to see if that person is a legal student who has come to Taiwan and has a work permit. Once an employer has been found to have illegally hired foreign workers, he will be fined between NT$150,000 and NT$750,000. The Department of Labor appeals to members of the public to verify this properly and avoid breaking the law.