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Immediate Access to Information on Labor puts rights on your side

    The website for “Immediate Access to Information on Labor (IAIL), previously known as “Business Information System”, promoted by the Department of Labor of Taipei City Government has been redesigned and updated. The IAIL website has been online since November 1, 2017. The IAIL program helps laborers, labor unions and business entities with convenient services. Among the services, the new “Mediation Service of Labor-Management Disputes” has been designed for easy access and can be applied for online by the laborer and business entities. After applied for, its procedure and outcome can be checked on at the IAIL website. There are on average 5,000 labor-management disputes per year. These services are both convenient and efficient.

    The updated information about the “Labor-Management Meeting Declaration” offers the business entities, based on different business locations, to declare the list of committee members and to manage their term duration. For some business entities with several departments, the IAIL also offers the business entities sub-accounts for them to independently manage the account. The business entity opens the sub-accounts, based on each department’s operations and affairs that they are in charge of, and each department can co-manage the case that they are going to apply for, corresponding to its own rights and limitations.

    The IAIL is an integrated service website for the labor business of Taipei City. The following are available online: the mediation service of labor-management disputes, the notification of working overtime or stopping days off due to occurrences of natural disaster, the notification of filing for further references for apprentices and interns, the declaration service of the Labor-Management Meeting, the declaration of work regulations, the approval of agreement as stipulated by Article 84-1 of the Labor Standards Act, the reporting of the occupational safety contact network, the notification of layoffs, the notification of planning mass layoffs and the notification of employment of indigenous people. You are encouraged to go to the website.

    The revised layout has applied Responsive Web Design (RWD) to meet the needs of people who are used to surfing the internet with smart phones. The flexible website design and its functionality can automatically detect the users’ device to have the website adapt to the screen size, whether or not it is a computer, tablet or cell phone used for browsing. It offers a perfect browsing experience!

The website “Immediate Access to Information on Labor” is :