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Department of Labor


Commissioner: LAI, HSIANG-LIN

photo of  Commissioner:LAI, HSIANG-LIN Experience
Commissioner, Department of Labor,
Taipei City Government
Lai, Hsiang-Lin
Jan. 5, 1968
M.S., Social Transformation Studies,
Shih Hsin University, Taiwan, R.O.C.

Spokesperson and Secretary-General, Raging Citizens Act Now
Director, Labor Dispute Assistance Association
Member, Conciliation Committee of Labor Dispute, Taipei City Government
Secretary, Department of Labor, Taipei City Government
Secretary, Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport Cargo Terminal Union


Message from the Commissioner:

Each and every organizational duty of the government affects the rights of its citizens, and the duties of the Department of Labor (DOL) have everything to do with the working rights of laboring friends. In an effort to implement Mayor Ko Wen-je’s labor policy on “Selection of Labor Affairs Commissioner,” the new Commissioner of labor has been determined through the i-voting system. This indicates that the Commissioner of Labor is directly entrusted by and examined by the working citizens.

The Taipei City Government Department of Labor underwent organizational reforms on January 1, 2013. The restructuring of the institution and the strengthening of staff redeployment resulted in an agency with capabilities to offer more professional and highly-effective services. With the popularization of Internet use, DOL seeks to develop a more accessible interactive platform online to implement the governing directive of “open government and public participation.”

Only by proposing improvement plans based on devising standard operating procedures from quantified experiences in administrative enforcement of the law and boosting the quality and effectiveness of services can we seek to resolve new forms of labor disputes and to move towards a labor-management relationship on equal footing. In addition, the cooperation among labor, management, and the government is necessary to create a friendly working environment based on gender equality and to protect the working rights for disadvantaged individuals.

Regarding “Open Government, Public Participation,” DOL must achieve the proactive disclosure of information related with workers’ rights, readjust the labor inspection checklist, and invite unions to participate in labor inspections. At the same time, we need to give workers the confidence to proactively reveal wrongdoings at their workplace and provide complete protection regarding personal information of whistleblowers.

Furthermore, DOL will seek to implement the spirit of industry democracy by improving three basic labor rights, offering effective guidance to boost the autonomy of unions, and develop self-rule through proactively assisting both labor and management to conduct negotiations on equal footing. Finally, labor education for youth is the root and foundation for inspiring Taiwan’s labor consciousness. DOL carries the responsibility to provide education resources for young workers and Internet communities.

I look forward to seeing Taipei City Government Department of Labor exercise its true potentials in serving the working mass. Let us work together to make DOL the protector of workers’ rights!