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Taipei City Foreign and Disabled Labor Office

1.About the Director
Name: Hui-Chi Chen

Unit: Taipei City Foreign and Disabled Labor Office

Education: Creative Writing Section, Department of Chinese Literature, Chinese Culture University


Director of Secretariat Office, Department of Labor

Director of Foreign Labor Affairs Division, Department of Labor

Senior Specialist, Department of Labor

Section Chief, Department of Labor

Consultant, Department of Labor

Staff, Department of Labor

Clerk, Department of Labor

Words from the Director:

The Labor reconstruction and Placement Office is set up to service the following two categories of human resources: the first is international migrant workers and the second is people with disabilities who have the potential and willingness to work.

In the 1990s, because of the rising needs of labor for the development of the domestic economy and industrial production, Taiwan opened the door to international migrant workers. Thereafter, home care workers and domestic helpers were also introduced into the nation, catering for the needs of an aging society. To date, the number of international migrant workers in Taiwan has reached 440,000. The field of human resource management and utilization of international migrant workers involves an expanded scope of issues, including human rights, citizen diplomacy, economic development, labor relations and social security.

In the area of employment services and vocational rehabilitation for people with disabilities, under the limited yet efficient organization of the public office, Taipei City seeks concerted efforts from private social resources in order to better meet the special needs of the people with disabilities and provide more comprehensive services. Every person has different needs and the disabled people are no exception. Among the general needs, employment helps people with disabilities to learn and grow as well as gain self-confidence. Employment provides an opportunity towards the pursuit of self-realization. However, every case is different; therefore, in practice, providing suitable employment is of the highest priority. The key tasks of the Office will include vocational assessment, sheltered employment, supported employment, job re-design and employment promotion for disabled people in private businesses as well as transition services. To achieve the maximum effect for all of the above services, private resources will have to play a key role in the process.

Taipei City Foreign and Disabled Labor Office was founded on January 1st, 2013 under the Taipei City Department of Labor. The Disabled Worker Division and the Foreign Labor Division were originally two of the divisions in the Department of Labor. To better protect and manage the rights and interests of the workers with disabilities and foreign labors in Taipei City, the Department of Labor gathered the resources currently available and created this office from the two divisions originally within the department. With the creation of this office, we are now able to elevate our ability to plan, inspect, and manage any affairs regarding foreign labors and workers with disabilities.

This office is staffed with the following subordinate units: Section of Service Management for the Disabled, Section of Occupational Reconstruction Services for the Disabled, Foreign Worker Inspection Section , Foreign Worker Counseling Section , Administrative Service Office, Accounting Office, and Personnel Office.


Organizational Chart of Taipei City Foreign and Disabled Labor Office

The Taipei City Foreign and Disabled Labor Offic consists of 4 divisions and 4 offices.

The main office of Taipei City Foreign and Disabled Labor Office consists of three officials in total, Director, Deputy Director, Secretary.

The number of employees and the main job duties of divisions under Taipei City Foreign and Disabled Labor Office are listed as follow:


The main job duties

Section of service management for the disabled
(33 persons)

Obtaining employment for the disabled. Charging quota hiring difference allowance. Encouraging Employment. Popularizing sheltered employment rewards. Management of permitting sheltered workshop. Subsidy for occupational reconstruction affairs, physically challenged institution and group program. Management of balance of employment fund for the disabled. Punishing violation of Physically and Mentally Disabled Citizens Protection Act etc.

Section of occupational reconstruction services for the disabled
(44 persons)

Tutorship and assessment for the disabled. Occupational training. Service of obtaining employment. Position redesign. Tutorship of starting a business and other professions reconstruction service etc.

Foreign Worker Inspection Section
(37 persons)

Circulate notices of arrival of foreign workers. Appeal, inspection, management, life caring and protection rights of foreign labors. Management of private agency of employment services etc.

Foreign Worker Counseling Section
(17 persons)

Dealing with foreign labors dispute. Placement for sheltered workshop. Examination of departure. Advisory for decree. Giving certificate of not violating decree. Popularizing cultural activities etc.

Administrative Service Office
(17 persons)

Management of documents, files, finance and property. Information of technology, legal system, public relationship, evaluation and others.

Accounting Office
(5 persons)

Statistics, accounting and annual budgetary.

Personnel Office
(4 persons)

Management of personnel affairs.

Government Ethnics Office
(1 persons)

Dealing with government ethics works.

1.Foreign Labors in Taipei
a.Management of private employment service agencies, handling foreign labor complaints, and conducting inspection and visits to provide everyday life services and ensure the rights of foreign laborers are not violated.
b.Reporting foreign workers’ arrival, dispute mediation, sheltering, placement and departure verification, legal consultation and advisory, and promotion of cultural activities.
2.Employment Services for the Disabled
a.Providing employment services for the disabled.
b.Employer subsidy and sheltered employment development and administration.

5.Contact Information

6.Business Hours
Mon. to Fri. 8:30 to 17:30

4F.&5F., No.101, Bangka Blvd., Wanhua Dist., Taipei City 108, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

 Photos of Taipei City Foreign and Disabled Labor Office

Taipei City is an international metropolitan community. It is our duty to ensure that our residents live happily. To the people with congenital or acquired disabilities and the international migrant workers who have come this far to help us in the nation's economic and social development, we shall help them with a caring heart and empathy. Together, we will build the great City of Taipei into a happy city with high social diversity.

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