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Offices and Affiliated Units
Labor Relations
Union services, organizing, registering, operating and tutorship of union.7007、7010、7012、701487860166
Providing subsidies for enterprises offering babysitting facilities.7009、7010
Establishing the committee of workers' welfare.
Workers' retirement reserve funds.2086、2088、2089、3296、3307、3354、3355、6048、7031、7049、7033
Rules of works, Labor-Management Meeting.3331、7013、7032、7033
Labor Standards
Apply for mediation, providing certification of closing company7015、701627596661
Advisory of Labor Standards Act(except rules of works, conference of labor and capital、information of applying for the new or old version of labor pension.)7015~7018、3325、3327、3349
Providing legal counseling service.7015~7018、3325、3327、3349
Approval for Labor Standards Act Article 84-1 agreement.7015、7016、7018、3327、3349
Approval for Labor Standards Act Article 9 fixed term contracts (specific work), Labor Standards Act Article 32, 40, Approval for overtime work, Chapter Ⅷ Approval for contract of apprentices, interns of a business entity, Approval for Labor Standards Act Article 45 agreement.7018、3349
Violation of Labor Standards Act,Fines of Act for Worker Protection of Mass Redundancy.3327
Applying for Subsidy of labor rights fund litigation.3327、3349
Inquiry cases and other about Labor Standards Division.7016
Labor Working
Condition Inspection
Inspection of labor standards.02-23026355 Ext.923026856
Occupational Health
and Safety Division
Fines of violation of foreign labor affairs, related affairs about Employment Service Act.1412、7506、750787884590
Fines of Occupational Safety and Health Act, related affairs about occupational safety and health.1414、1439、7021、8504
Education and training of occupational safety and health.1414、1439、7021、8504
Labor health inspection, certification of the managing officials for Occupational Health and Safety affairs.1414、1439、7021、8504
Collections for fines of violation of Employment Service Act and Occupational Safety and Health Act.7024
Employment Security DivisionEmployment discrimination、Gender equality.702327228188
Sexual harassment in the workplace.7036
Management of private institution for career service.7030
Report of Severance、Worker Protection of Mass Redundancy7030、7038、7048
Providing the certificate of unemployment for unemployment pay.7038
Inspecting deceptive advertisement and related affais.7038
Labor Education and Cultural DivisionAdministrating Labor Education Building 、Promotion of labor documentary、School subsidy of children of unemployed workers and newsletter of Labor of Taipei.331827205317
Subsidy of labor education fund.3345、3346
School Labor Education.3346
Providing courses about major topics of labor issues.3344
Providing seminars about major topics of labor issues.
Labor film award、Labor cultural activities and Line official account3357
Secretariat OfficePurchasing、Property management.704327206656
Managing Taipei City Petition System、Managing official documents.7046
Temporary worker management、1999 FAQ、publication related affairs.7046
Managing council related affairs、Managing and implementing the project of policies.7047
Information and technique (information security, system design and solving problem of reporting severance.)7062
Mail room7066、7063、7064
File management7068
Personnel OfficeHuman Resources Management7050、7051、705287800637
Government Ethics
Government Ethics7053、705487800636
Accounting OfficeBudget, Accounting and Statistics1653、7055、7056、7057、7058、705987800638
Service Time:
  Workday of Mon. to Fri. 8:30 to 17:30