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Department of Labor


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NO.TitlePublish Date
1Taipei City Government Celebrates Eid al-Fitr with Muslim Migrant Workers2019-07-11
2Constructing an evolving friendly workplace – from the perspective of the Gender Equality Index in workplaces of Taipei City2019-06-10
3Salary Transparency Protects Job Seekers’ Rights2019-06-03
4Implementing the gender equality policy (GEP) in the workplace. Envisioning new values for the companies2019-05-20
5Analyses on Development and Transformation of Labor Unions from the Perspective of Excellent Labor Unions Appraisal2019-05-13
6Can I sign a fixed-term contract with my company?2019-04-12
7Collaboration between the public and private sectors – Opening up opportunities for gender equality in workplaces2019-04-05
8Tips for enterprises – About the gender equality index in workplaces2019-03-22
9A Case Study on the Labor-Management Issue-- Constituting a Contract with a Foreign Teacher2019-03-15
10Introduction to Taipei Labor Rights and Interests Fund2019-03-05
11When I Experience Sexual Harassment in the Workplace. Who can help me?2019-02-11
12Employer’s Responsibility to Prevent Sexual Harassment in the Workplace2019-01-10
13The Efforts to Enhance the Substantial Functions of the Labor-Management Meeting2018-12-17
14Digital Game Design Journey for the Future2018-11-28
15The Essentiality of Promoting the Assessment Skills of Used Car’s Conditions2018-11-08
16Mayor Ko hosts the grand opening for the Labor Rights and Interests Center. A single route of versatile services to enhance performance and efficiency.2018-10-15
17The Department of Labor called for the inspection and verification of legal foreign labor agencies2018-10-08
18The current status of Taiwanese enterprises’ labor unions-Why a labor union essential2018-09-11
19Things you've never known about the Labor-Management Meeting (LMM) - the importance of LMM has been increased after revision of the law2018-09-03
20Privacy expectation by employer and employee Employment Safety will be protected2018-08-02