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NO.TitlePublish Date
1Online courses on labor laws and regulations: “Cheerleading group for the workers” .Studying at home during the pandemic.2020-08-26
2Fresh graduates find jobs based on their innovative thinking of universal design.Taipei city’s innovated activity the Citizen Café, “Let’s Chat”.2020-08-20
3Making good use of rewards package.Helping senior citizens start from internship and get back into the workplace.2020-07-30
4Creating a friendly environment for migrant workers in Taipei. Putting ourselves in their shoes starts with a series of “Party of Southeast Asia Stories”.2020-07-27
5The applications of technology to enhance the management of occupational safety of public works of Taipei City Government.2020-06-29
6A brief talk on the issue of legally employing a migrant worker as the caregiver for the patient in the hospital.2020-06-19
7Implementation of pandemic prevention measures is an ongoing process.Taipei City Foreign and Disabled Labor Office takes a proactive attitude to care for migrant workers being quarantined at home.2020-06-16
8Improving migrant workers’ skills through training classes. It’s a win-win for both employers and employees.2020-06-03
9Celebrating the Eid: Shelter Factory Holds Raffle, Leave-a-note Event2020-05-28
10The Second Employment Subsidy Program.The Number of New Jobs increased to 1,265 ,A Thousand People in Taipei Participating in the Pandemic Prevention Employment Program 2.02020-05-26
11Pandemic Prevention First. Health Examination of Migrant Workers at Taipei City and an Adjusted Approach for filing for Exiting Approval.2020-05-25
12The Examiner of Labor Conditions Gets on the Road to Assist with Free consultations, an employer doesn’t need to worry about the Labor Standards Act.2020-05-18
13Introduction to the new amendment of article 17-1 of the LSA – Prohibitions in transferring a dispatched worker2020-04-13
14Professional Dispute Resolution Measures for Migrant Workers in Taipei City Achieving a Success Rate of over 80%2020-04-06
15City Visits Indonesian Economic and Trade Office to Taipei2020-03-18
16Commissioner Chen Visits Religious Leaders, Discusses Needs of Migrant Workers2020-03-02
17Handbook for Foreigners in Taipei2020-02-18
18Platform Economy and Labor Rights and Interests Form A Basic Protection for being similar to an employee as suggested by Department of Labor, Taipei City Government2020-02-10
19Rights of Multi-gender in Workplaces after Legalization of Same-Sex Marriage2020-02-10
20All About Indoor Air Quality2020-01-21