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Human Resources

The city of Taipei is Taiwan’s capital featuring intensive commercial activities that promise to create a multitude of employment opportunities. With this in mind, the Taipei City Government provides the best possible quality service to assist those who leave their jobs involuntarily, those who find themselves out of work in their prime, and women in finding jobs. It also dedicates to implementing welfare protection for laborers, and promoting gender equality in the workplace and job safety in order to guarantee laborers’ employment rights and interests, and ensure the flexible utilization of human resources in the labor market.

To achieve these expectations, we have two terminal goals and nine main points.
The following are two terminal goals:

  1. Establishing Friendly and Non-Discriminative Working Conditions;

  2. Constructing Secure and Dignified Occupational Environment.

And the nine main points are described below:

  1. To create a friendly enviroment for the cooperation between employees and employers.
  2. To take charge of the reported conflicts between laborers and employers, to proceed the  mediation and negotiation between two parties,and to establish the laborers’ rights and interests fund to subsidize laborers in litigation.
  3. To provide and protect fringe benefits,and provide free legal consultation services to the labor.
  4. To assist the establishment of labor unions and to provide counseling to the existing unions.To enhance the relationships between laborers and employers in order to prevent labor-capital disputes.
  5. To process and investigate job discrimination complaint cases through the Job Discrimination Committee in order to implement gender-equal employment .
  6. To set up the Occupational Disease Identification Committee to accept the reported cases for further identification of the disease in order to create a safe and healthy working environment for workers.
  7. To enhance employment services for the disabled and disadvantaged groups.
  8. To develop a learning network for laborers and to promote the preservation of working class culture.
  9. To increase the willingness of the unemployed to participate in the vocational trainings.