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Employing immigrant workers and avoiding fines

  It has recently been found that some foreigners used forged resident cards to find jobs. Some employers neglected to verify their authenticity and hired them. The employers did not know about this problem until their employees were caught.

  When interviewing an immigrant worker, the employer is supposed to verify interviewee's Alien Resident Card (ARC) in Taiwan and his/her dependent relative's household registration. Referring to overseas students, the employer needs to check their student certificate, resident card, and original work permit letter. They need to confirm that the student's certificates are examined and are owned by the students during the interview, as well as their resident purpose and certificate's validity period. Moreover taking a photo or/and a copy for reference is needed. An employee is expected to ensure the required documents are accurate and legal.

  Chen Hsin-Yu, director of the Department of Labor (DOL), of the Taipei City Government has stressed that employers should protect themselves from foreigners using documents and certificates that are either not theirs or fake. The DOL has established a special guideline page for looking up “Resident Cards of Migrant Workers for Employment” on its official website, in which the regulations for employing a foreigner is detailed. Also this webpage can link to the Interior National Immigration Agency's website “Looking up for Aliens Citizen Digital Certificate”, where employers can look up the identities of immigrant workers and check whether or not he or she is eligible to work.

Searching steps
  1. Key in the unified number, date of issue, and duration of stay from the front of the alien resident certificate (ARC)
front side of ARC card

  1. Key in the serial number located on the back side of the ARC
back side of ARC card

  1. If the search shows that the ARC is valid, the photo which corresponds to the ARC will be displayed. Review the following:
ARC info check correct

  1. If the search shows that the ARC is not good, the result will show “the data doesn't match”. Review the following:
ARC info check wrong

  Director Chen reminds that any employer who illegally hires a foreigner to work, shall be fined not less than NT$150,000 but not more than NT$750,000. If the employer is found guilty of the same crime within 5 years the employer will be subjected to a sentence of imprisonment for not more than 3 years, short-term imprisonment, in addition to a fine of not more than NT$ 1.2 million  It is essential to examine a foreigner's original certificates before employment.
  If there are any questions on the inspection procedure for employing a foreigner, please contact the following:
National Immigration Agency, Ministry of the Interior (02) 2388-9393
Workforce Development Agency, Ministry of Labor (02) 8995-6000
Taipei City Foreign and Disabled Labor Office (02) 2338-1600
Department of Labor, Taipei City Government (02) 2720-8889 Ext. 1414, 7022, 7506