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Not only do migrant workers learn Chinese, but they also tour Dadaocheng and experience Taiwan’s culture.

  In order to help migrant workers, assimilate into Taiwan’s society and reduce the language barrier, the Department of Labor, Taipei City Government has been offering free Chinese courses. In addition to the language course, the cultural events, like visiting the Dadaocheng, give migrant workers a sense of Taiwan’s history. These workers can engage in a DIY workshop. The result is a better understanding of Taiwanese culture which is an important part of being in Taiwan.

  Starting from the Beimen Station going north is a cultural experience along Dihua Street. It is known for its rich historical sites like the Dadaocheng theatre, well known puppet shows involving glove puppetry, and the Dadaocheng Wharf. One of the participants, Mr. Nieser, first took part in a Chinese course here in Taiwan. He shared his experience and said that the course was easy and interesting. He improved his listening and speaking capability. After learning to write Chinese characters, he improved his reading ability. It made living in Taiwan more convenient and comfortable. He now has a better understanding of Taiwan by taking the tour. He expected that the Taiwan City Government would continue to arrange the Chinese courses in the future. He expressed that he was looking forward to the course next year, and he would like to recommend it to his friends.

  Chen Hsin-Yu, director of the Department of Labor (DOL), of the Taipei City Government has openly supported offering another year of free Chinese courses. Migrant workers have been interested in this kind of courses. The course, which is focuses on life and workplace, is carried out by using conversation, writing Chinese characters, and learning about Taiwan culture (i.e., learning Chinese songs, making Chinese knots, and studying Tai Chi). Being using engaging teaching techniques and materials, migrant workers can improve their Chinese communication skills and work with more reassurance. They can enhance their relationships with employers and assimilate into Taiwan culture more easily.

  This year’s course is coming to an end. The DOL is going to continue supporting free Chinese courses in the future. For information related to this, please go to the Taipei City Foreign and Disabled Labor Office’s website, or Facebook and search its Fanpage “Hand in Hand at Taipei”. Look forward to more information coming out soon.


Taking a photo of migrant workers at Dihua Street.
▲Taking a photo of migrant workers at Dihua Street.

Taking a photo of migrant workers at the Dadaocheng Wharf.
▲Taking a photo of migrant workers at the Dadaocheng Wharf.

Migrant workers are engaging in a DIY workshop.
▲Migrant workers are engaging in a DIY workshop.