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「Spread The Love : Migrant Worker's Free Medical Consultation 」Activity

Currently there are more than 300,000 migrant workers in Taiwan and from that number alone it’s obvious that they already become one part of Taiwanese life. There are so many problems that happen to migrant workers due to culture, language and background differences. The simple problem of life for Taiwanese is sometimes a big problem for them. For example some migrant workers don’t dare to go to hospital even they have insurance card in their hands, as they don’t know how to explain what they feel. Aware with these problems Taipei City Government Labor Department which cooperates with Tzu-Chi Foundation Buddhist Compassion Relief and other organizations in Taipei City has provided free medical consultation for migrant workers each several months in a year since 2004.

The event will include:

1. Health Information: AIDS, SARS etc.
2. Protect Your Environment: How migrant workers participate to protect their environment.
3. Medical Consultation: Opthalmology, dermatology, dental, internal, gynecology, physical check, eye check, osteoporosis, body fat check, cardiopulmonary check etc.
4. Information Around Tzu-Chi Foundation Buddhist Compassion Relief