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Taipei City Foreign and Disabled Labor Office

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Taipei City Foreign and Disabled Labor Office

1.About the Director

Name: Kun-Hung Chen


                    M.A., Graduate Institute of Labor Research, National Chenchi University


  1. Senior Specialist, Department of Labor, Taipei City Government
  2. Division Chief, Department of Labor, Taipei City Government
  3. Specialist, Department of Labor, Taipei City Government
  4. Deputy Director, Taipei City Foreign and Disabled Labor Office

Words from the Director:

As the capital of the country, Taipei City embraces the values of Diversity, equality, and inclusion. Disabled employment and foreign labor services are exactly two of the most important tasks to feature the values.

The introduction of foreign labors to Taiwan has started in 1990s and, at the same time, the People with Disabilities Welfare Act was amended in 1997, gradually heading to human rights-oriented legislation, the People with Disabilities Rights Protection Act.

In decades, challenges from external environment have never stopped. The fluctuation of the domestic job market, the rapid increase of aged population, and domestication of the CRPD impact the disabled employment and foreign labor policies in different levels.

With tougher workplace competition for disabled employment, it is the crucial moment to re-attach importance to diverse employment models and to rethink and adjust the existing models of vocational rehabilitation service. The problem of aging population of disabled employment will, then, carry on conversations and connections of services among labor, society and health administrations.

The foreign labor in Taipei City serves as the key supporting labor force in family care. In the development of Long-Term Care 2.0, a new model of labor force utilization must be repositioned. In terms of inspection and management, giving our feedback to the central competent authority to become the basis of policy adjustment and establishing a transparent procedure to enhance the public credibility are the next missions of the Foreign and Disabled Labor Office.

Our office combines services for two groups of people. To the public, we are devoted to providing professional services. For the public service management, we emphasize the cooperation and communication with the private sector, hoping to enhance our service efficiency. In policies, with the spirits of citizen participation of Taipei City government, we expect to take in more public opinions.

We believe that the diverse society should be established on the faith of equality and inclusion. We will realize the values, work with labors from all fields and countries, and continue to build Taipei as a cross-ethnic city of happiness.


Taipei City Foreign and Disabled Labor Office was founded on January 1st, 2013 under the Taipei City Department of Labor. The Disabled Worker Division and the Foreign Labor Division were originally two of the divisions in the Department of Labor. To better protect and manage the rights and interests of the workers with disabilities and foreign labors in Taipei City, the Department of Labor gathered the resources currently available and created this office from the two divisions originally within the department. With the creation of this office, we are now able to coordinate, inspect, and manage foreign migrant workers' affairs, as well as promoting, protecting and taking disciplinary action against illegal employment rights of workers with disabilities.

This office is staffed with the following subordinate units: Section of Service Management for the Disabled, Section of Occupational Reconstruction Services for the Disabled, Foreign Worker Inspection Section , Foreign Worker Counseling Section , Administrative Service Office, Accounting Office, and Personnel Office.


Organizational Chart of Taipei City Foreign and Disabled Labor Office

  • The Taipei City Foreign and Disabled Labor Office consists of 4 divisions and 4 offices.
  • The main office of Taipei City Foreign and Disabled Labor Office consists of three officials in total, Director, Deputy Director, Secretary.
  • The number of employees and the main job duties of divisions under Taipei City Foreign and Disabled Labor Office are listed as follow:


The main job duties

Tasks & Duties
Section of Service Management for the Disabled
 (32 persons)
Obtaining employment for the disabled. Charging quota hiring difference allowance. Encouraging Employment. Popularizing sheltered employment rewards. Management of permitting sheltered workshop. Subsidy for occupational reconstruction affairs, physically challenged institution and group program. Management of balance of employment fund for the disabled. Punishing violation of Physically and Mentally Disabled Citizens Protection Act etc.
Section of Vocational Rehabilitation Services for the Disabled
 (30 persons)
Tutorship and assessment for the disabled. Occupational training. Service of obtaining employment. Position redesign. Tutorship of starting a business and other professions reconstruction service etc.
Foreign Worker Inspection Section
 (2 persons)
Circulate notices of arrival of foreign workers. Appeal, inspection, management, life caring and protection rights of foreign labors. Management of private agency of employment services etc.
Foreign Worker Counseling Section
 (3 persons)
Dealing with foreign labors dispute. Placement for sheltered workshop. Examination of departure. Advisory for decree. Giving certificate of not violating decree. Popularizing cultural activities etc.
Administrative Service Office
 (18 persons)
Management of documents, files, finance and property. Information of technology, legal system, public relationship, evaluation and others.
Accounting Office
 (5 persons)
Statistics, accounting and annual budgetary.
Personnel Office
 (4 persons)
Management of personnel affairs.
Government Ethnics Office
 (1 persons)
Dealing with government ethics works.


1.Foreign Labors in Taipei

  1. Management of private employment service agencies, handling foreign labor complaints, and conducting inspection and visits to provide everyday life services and ensure the rights of foreign laborers are not violated.
  2. Reporting foreign workers’ arrival, dispute mediation, sheltering, placement and departure verification, legal consultation and advisory, and promotion of cultural activities.

2.Employment Services for the Disabled

  1. Providing employment services for the disabled.
  2. Employer subsidy and sheltered employment development and administration.

5.Contact Information

Tel: +886-2-23381600
Fax: +886-2-23026623
E-mail: Taipei City Petition System 1999(https://1999.gov.taipei/Front/main)

6.Business Hours

Mon. to Fri. 8:30 to 17:30


4F.&5F., No.101, Bangka Blvd., Wanhua Dist., Taipei City 108220, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Photos of Taipei City Foreign and Disabled Labor OfficePhotos of Taipei City Foreign and Disabled Labor OfficePhotos of Taipei City Foreign and Disabled Labor OfficePhotos of Taipei City Foreign and Disabled Labor Office

Taipei City is an international metropolitan community. It is our duty to ensure that our residents live happily. To the people with congenital or acquired disabilities and the international migrant workers who have come this far to help us in the nation's economic and social development, we shall help them with a caring heart and empathy. Together, we will build the great City of Taipei into a happy city with high social diversity.